Carpet cleaning

Our certified carpet cleaning team will ensure that your carpets are restored to like new condition. Our vast experience allows us to tackle virtually any stain or soil level that we come across. You can be worry free to know that all our cleaning products are eco-friendly and pet and child safe. You will be welcome

Upholstery Cleaning

Children, pets and daily wear all play an important role in the care of your furniture and sometimes it can be a challenging task to keep them clean or like new. With our multi-step upholstery cleaning method, we make sure to remove undesirable contaminants, stains and soils to leave your upholstery clean and fresh.

Tile Cleaning

Over time we have seen how difficult it is for people to keep their floors clean and it’s almost an impossible task to do properly. Many homeowners attempt this with homemade products or watching a DIY tutorial. Only they achieve less than desirable results. It also wears on their joints, knees and back to finish a small area. Our Tile Cleaning team is highly qualified and has extensive experience when it comes to the proper cleaning and care of your hard surfaces.

Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to commercial cleaning, e.g. the appearance of your office or workplace, cleanliness is everything. It speaks volumes on how well you run your company. Customers will judge your capacity to effectively help them with their needs based on how clean your commercial space is. In fact, your sales and potential investment can be reduced if your place of business is unclean.

A little bit to know about us


We clean carpets, upholsteries, commercial places like offices, resturants etc and provide light handyman services so that you don’t have to tire yourself


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